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Martin Vale – Truly magical!

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Short Bio

Music has always been a great part of the life of Martin Vale, from very early on at the age of 8 he had his first portable turntable from which he started scratching away on a “Beertje Colargol” 7″ record, there the love for music started, buying records and driving his parents crazy playing loud music and generating that strongly satisfying bass he likes so much.

A new stereo set, recording the grand mixes of Ben Liebrand, trying to mix tracks from tape to tape and going to skool with the first walkman loaded with freshly generated mix tapes. Music was becoming a major part of his life and the love for Hip-Hop was born.

Listening to Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Black Rock and Run, De la Soul and Jungle Brothers, the fasination for Hip-Hop, beats, bass and drive in songs asked for more and the first music productions started to take form.

Not really “Early Career” but than again, the first productions where created with a group (3) of friends, they formed HHP. They bought there first DJ and drum beat equipment and started to make Hip-Hop tracks. They practised every weekend and broke a lot of needles while scratching and trying to record new tracks, 4 tracks where made, until they moved on with new musical ambitions.

Martin Vale got his first taste of professional mixing while the oldskool house music ara started, Dominator, i’m gonna Diss you, the House of God and James brown is still alive… Amazing music style, going out and enjoying the dance seen, Martin Vale wanted more. Hanging with a friend DJ, listening to music and seen him create “real” mix tapes with the lasted oldskool house tracks, the fascination for mixing tracks and becoming a DJ slowly took form. Martin Vale started to buy his own records, his first DJ set and started mixing and creating his own mixtapes.

Learning the DJ skills, getting more familiar in the music seen, getting to know what he liked, he passed over to the hardcore house sceen and started to perform but also started to produce house music. With some help of a good friend providing a studio space and an old member of HHP, Martin Vale slowly setup a music studio. First music was made with an old Atari with Cubase as DAW, only standard tones as sounds where availible, but Martin Vale started to generate his first arrangements and took the artist name “Semzer Sounds”

Step by step music became more real, but the Akai S2000 sampler smashed productions to reality. Finally real music could be made.

Building up the studio, buying a 12 band mackie mixer, a JUNO Alpha 2, JUNO 106, Korg Prophecy Solo, Some effects rackes and a Numark mixer with SL1200 turntables, the studio was ready to make some real tracks and mix some real sets. Everyday, night after night, day after day, tracks where created and school was open. Learning to make music, using equipment, mixing tracks and experimenting with what worked, the first tracks where ready to present in a demo.

Martin Vale and crew talked to different labels but ended up with ID&T, first with his own label Jee-Beat bass records, and then with different collaborations for a couple of ID&T labels as Test Crash records and more labels as Dom Stad records and Digital Overkill.

After a lot of hard work, performances, DJ sets and releases, real life caught up and energy needed to be focused on his health, family, safety regarding living and raising his kids. In spite of starting the most beautiful time of his life so far by becoming a father of 3 prodigious kids, the music career was toned down, and a new chapter of life dominated for 2 decades, but … music is in your blood, it needs to be produced!

20 years later … after his youngest brother (big fan of Semzer Sounds old work) kept askin to check out the Ableton DAW, he finally gave in and everything Martin Vale learned in all the years of making music and performing DJ Sets fell in to place. He started with a first track, did some try-outs and found a really comfortable way in making music, no stress, no obligations, just making music with the ease of the modern VST’s, plugins and access to great samples. A whole new path opened up, and school started once again. A new chaptor started with a new name “Martin Vale”… new music, new music styles, hoping to please many people and fans in the years to come.

Let’s see what the future holds!

Never stop learning, do what you really like, cause that’s the only way to excel

Owner of Label: Jee-Beat bass records

Worked for Publishers & Labels:

  • ID&T
  • Test Crash records
  • Dom stad records
  • Digital Overkill
  • Breakfast records

Greatest Hits:

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Single: Hip-Hop & Rap

  • You’re a Monster 2021

Single: EDM & Dance

  • i Hate that i Love you (radio edit) 2021

Single: EDM & Dance

  • Me and all this Time (radio edit) 2021

Single: Hip-Hop & Rap

  • Never gonna Die (radio edit) 2020


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